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Web Design

A web site is your corporate identity on the
Internet; the impression it conveys holds
the visitorís attention and makes them come
back over and over again. One of the most
important, if not the most important step is
to write a plan for your web site. We will
help you outline the major items you want
your site to include, such as:

         -Choosing a Name for Your Site
         -Products and Services
         -Selling Products Online
         -Hours of Operation
         -Delivery and Shipping
         -Demographics, Phone Number, Fax, E-mail
         -Driving Directions
         -FAQ and Answers
         -Customer Testimonials
         -Privacy Policy
         -Return Policy
         -Web Site Maintenance
         -Choosing a Host Company

Marketing Your Site

         SEO, (Search Engine Optimization),
         Meta Tags will be created within your site
         that are meaningful to search engines.
         These include proper titles for each page of
         your site, keywords and keyword phrases
         as well as a description of your site.

         Sitemaps will be constructed in both html
         and xml that will be submitted to
         search engines.

         Web Site Analytics will be added to your site
         that can measure how many visitors come to
         your site, where they come from, how long they
         are on your site and what pages they viewed.

         We have Direct Market Campaigns that include
         web advertising, e-mail, post cards, coupons,
         self-mailers and add an e-mail sign up to
         your site.



We can build your site with e-Commerce or add a Shopping Cart to an existing site. Dynamic display of your
products, easy access search, add promotions, add discounts, view all orders, add notes to orders, change pricing and inventory of products. E-mails sent for confirmation of orders are sent to the customer and merchant. Accept credit cards online through a gateway or payment processor, choose what credit cards you want to accept. If you decide not to
accept credit cards you can do that also and you can verify your orders by telephone and accept credit cards at that time.

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